Monday morning!


Feeling pretty good today. Didn’t sleep well, but usual for dex night. I’ve just finished making granola. And I’m trying a new whole bread recipe from ” the Laurels Kitchen Bread Book” that suggested. I’ve put it in the bread machine and then will bake in the oven. Not sure how it will come out as it is not a bread machine recipe.

working on home blessing day from Flylady and I’ve done most of the bedroom zone. 

I’ve  been thinking a lot about 8 years ago when I was getting ready for my SCT . It was a difficult time to say the least. It was in February I went in for cytoxan, and my main line. That was an overnight in the hospital. Then I did the neupogin shots for 10 days. That required my husband to drive every morning 1/2 an hour to the clinic.  Then it was on to the stem cell retrieval , an all day process , but at least just one. Then it was 10 days later on February 29, yes a leap year, I was admitted and well the rest is history. 

It was such a hard year, but then I had 4 great years of no treatment except aredia. I have since relapsed 3x, but each time revlimid has worked and that is what I’m on now and doing great, so to speak. 

I think this is coming up because it’s soon my new birthday but also thinking about tom Brokaw . Who will he reach out to? there is the myeloma beacon support, the facebook myeloma group, and the myeloma list serve, and of course Pat Killingsworth blog. All of which I read daily and have learned so much. BUT, it wasn’t like that when I started out. There was no support that I reached out for and most of the above didn’t exist as far as I know. I had one myeloma buddy. Richard Pleau. He’s gone now but we did talk and share and I learned I needed that. So, my thoughts of Tom Brokaw being famous , will that isolate him, will he reach out to the myeloma community and hopefully won’t be bombarded with people trying to talk to him. Or will we just give him space and answer when we can . 

I don’t know the answer but I do hope he gets support from those of us who have walked this road for a while. There’s a lot still to learn and he’s only just beginning.

Sunday, dex!!

Well, as usual, dex is in the mix.

We got up and walked just a little earlier, and then it was go go for me.

First, made some quinoa for the week. Then cleaned some, flylady stuff. Then, laundry, then my daughter and I gardened an and planted lettuce, spinach, peas, chard, and onions. My husband moved fenced, and as usual, worked too hard for his 63 young years. 

Gee, it seemed there was a million more things. But then dex crashed at 1 pm. I rested, then got up and made curry wth chick peas, etc and it was yummy.

Then we just finished an episode of “house of cards”, how can they make this stuff up??? It’s too real.