Simple Sunday

A beautiful day here in Northern California. Not too hot and the next week looks really nice. We had a nice walk in the park this morning too. We missed yesterday because it was my Dex morning and my brain just isn’t all there.

We plan on going to Costco on Tuesday and then Wednesday I go back down to Rocklin for my Velcade shot.

We haven’t shopped Costco in over a month so that helped the grocery budget for sure. This won’t be a huge shop but big enough with basics. Plus I need flour,sugar, rice and other staples.

We’ve been watering like crazy and our water bill shows it . It’s $132 this month and I suspect it will be higher next month since we filled the pool. Oh well, in the winter it’s PGE in the summer it’s Meadow vista Water company. (sigh)…

We had some tamales for dinner last night( frozen ones I bought) so dinner was easy and no prep except I made a fresh salsa. The tamales were a New Mexico brand and they were ok not great.

Tonight I may just throw another freezer meal in and call it good. This week on the menu is:

Panko shrimp with jasmine rice, crispy tofu, bag of asian veggies( Trader Joes).

homemade mac and cheese to use up a block of sharp cheddar I have,

OOni pizza on Friday,

Something with eggs like a frittata,

And I think I’ll look for a recipe for an instant pot meal.

I need to go to Target to get a few things like stainless steel wipes, a basket for the kitty toys which are growing exponentially, paper plates for the cat food, some command hooks for the trailer and ?

BTW, 3 kitties are now in the foster cage in my office room/ everything room. My daughter has done an amazing job catching them and working with them. The last one is still out with mama and has been difficult to catch. She’s going to try today. We are going to call for Ciri to get spayed at a regular vet office hopefully this week.

Flylady zone is the kitchen which for some reason I thought was last week. So I did a quick sweep thru and timed it at 20 minutes. Really I could do whatever zone I want when it’s convenient but I just like to stick to the routine. Flylady’s book and program really did change my life when I needed it. Unfortunately, when I watched her on youtube, I was mortified at the Christian iconography all around her. I have no idea what religion she is but I think if in the beginning I knew that I would have not read her books. Fortunately, as far as I know that is never mentioned in her book( I may have to check that but I’m pretty sure I would have picked up on it.) Just to be clear, I have no problem with her being religious, but seeing a dozen weird crosses behind her when she’s doing a vlog is too much for me. That’s just me!


6 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. I’m glad you are getting the kittens inside. Get mama cat spayed as soon as you can. Female kittens can go into heat as young as 4 months so you want to get them spayed as soon as you can too. A rescue in your area would know if there are any low cost
    spay/neuter clinics for the kittens. I love cats and volunteer at a rescue here. We spay/neuter as young as 2 months and 2 lbs. Private vets often prefer to wait longer.
    It sounds like your camping trip was mainly successful. We have never been campers but I think I could enjoy it if I had a set up like yours. No tent camping for me!

    • Yeah, we’re calling a vet this morning for mama kat. The boys have their appts in July( earliest) and we still need to capture the little elusive one. Hopefully today. It’s funny, all we’ve ever done is camp right down to one of our first experiences together when we were just dating was hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon. We did start out tent camping but now I probably couldn’t get off the ground so..

  2. Gosh, I have never watched the videos. I used the same philosophy when it was the Sidetracked Home Executives Sisters 3 x 5 card file. Flylady adopted their plan and put it into weekly zones. I have used her webpage but never watched the videos. I wonder if her evangelization is a new thing.

    • How interesting. I heard about the SHE program from that youtube I mentioned. I didn’t realize that Flylady had adopted it. I use the web page too and there is nothing remotely religious( for much I’m glad). On her YT though it looks to me like an Orthodox Christian thing??

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