Project: Cooking thru my cookbooks or else…

So I’m moving thru the books at a good pace.

Going, going gone…

I always like her books because she is sexy and cooks food that means something to her. But, I will never eat octopus or squid or?? It’s fun to look thru but not keep.

Deb Perelman is iconic. I love her embracing her Jewishness and some of the foods are great. But I’m never going to make any of it. This was a pet bookstore find. Fun to read and look at but not to keep.

These are harder to get rid of simply because of the sentimentality. I mean, I used these books in the 70’s and yes, my whole bread were like bricks, but hey it was the 70’s. I always liked the drawings. I do and did like to read the Buddhist stuff thrown in but since I’m past any of that now. They are going.

Back in 1970, when I first became vegetarian, I knew absolutely nothing about food or nutrition. Then along came Frances Moore Lappe. Believe me the soybeans were getting cooked into really awful soy burgers but the food combining was the biggest thing to hit vegetarianism. That along with Adele Davis were the big hits of the time. Anyway, most of that is debunked now that you need to combine beans with rice or whatever. But at the time it was cutting edge in being vegetarian. I mean you couldn’t find tofu to save your life and brown rice, forget it. Now , it all seems so easy.

Anyway, going, going, gone.

That’s five more off the shelf.


I found this at the pet bookstore a few years ago. I love Julia Child and how she changed American cooking. But the real reason i will keep this book is the colors and pattern. It looks like Catherine Holm which I do love.

Next keeper:

Alice Waters book is a classic on just how to cook things right. I don’t think I’ve made any recipes but I do use to look up things.

I’ve made quite a few things from this Deborah Madison book and I have a letter from her tucked in the jacket. I wrote her how much I loved the book back in the 80’s and she wrote me back. Cool, right.