Friday Stuff…

Well, the biggest excitement is that our county just opened up vaccines to over 65 so we were able to schedule both of us for next week. We have to drive to Roseville but that’s okay at least we have an appt. I do expect I’ll get a fever and headache since even with a regular flu shot I do. But I’m 100% ok with that and will just deal with it. I’m pretty excited!!

I dropped off our property tax payment this week. I was going to do it with a cc but there was a fee(apprx. $25) for that so I decided to just write a check. So that saved the fee.

We went to Costco also and it was @ $600. So $350 was food and the rest non food( including organic chicken food) and alcohol. I’m guessing the next time were back is March sometime. I was hoping they had their fruit trees out but they didn’t. It’s a great place to get citrus trees at a very reasonable price.

Cooking wise, I made a marmalade cake and Wow!! It was amazing. The recipe was from Nigel Slater. It was like a pound cake batter with the marmalade mixed in. It was absolutely delicious.

My son made a recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to cook Everything”. It was baked bread cod. It came out delicious. I had bought the Wild caught cod at Costco. It was pricey ($20)but it made enough for dinner and lunch so probably that made it about $3.00 a serving. We would eat more seafood if I bought it but usually I go with shrimp or salmon from Costco. So this was a nice change.

I’ve picked up the Benjamin Moore paint so I’ll be starting the 15 min. sessions this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Stuff…

  1. We got appointments for Sunday! We also have to drive to Roseville, but that’s no big deal. We’re so excited. I, too, get fever from regular flu shots and normally pre-medicate with Tylenol, but they say not to take pain meds before getting the vaccine. I’ll just deal with it.

  2. Yay for the appointment! We are 64 and retired early so I am thinking we will be last on the list. Our police officer son is not on our state’s list yet either. Fire departments made the list, but not police officers.

    Property tax is a big topic in my county in Ohio. The bills were mailed, but got lost in the post office jungle. The county is trying to get the word out that tax bills are due on February 12 whether you receive them or not. And there is a hefty late fee starting on February 13. I was going to pay by credit card and ran into the same high fees. I did mail a check and stalked the website until it posted. Now I read they have a drop box in the lobby if you want to run in quick.

    • I think that once the pharmacy rollout happens, you’ll be able to go to Walgreens or ? to get the shot. I think that’s going to start @ the 11th! Yeah, I did the drop box outside our county building!!

  3. Yay vaccine! In Oregon, my parents (over 70) won’t be able to make appointments until the last week of the month, but my grandma (97) has gotten hers (both doses) and so has Abby. We’re getting there, and that’s exciting!

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