Simple Sunday

A nice Sunday morning with cooler temperatures.

Getting ready to do the bedroom zone.

Plus its sheet day.

Yesterday I did a Walmart grocery pick up. I don’t shop Walmart but was interested in the pickup and I had a $10 off code. I bought quite a few organic items and them some pantry stuff I wanted. I was surprised at how easy it was and I didn’t have to go into the store. I’m not sure I would do it a lot but I have to say the prices were quite a bit less than Safeway.  Organic Valley milk was almost $2.00 less than Safeway. So were the Morningstar items. So those are big savings.  I also went to our little organic farm down the road and got $20 worth of veggies. The corn was excellent.

I’ll have to see how I feel about it over the next week.

I was able to book a night at Nevada Beach for B’s birthday. We may or may not take the tent trailer. Our old van can be used to sleep in so that’s an easier option. We found a nice 2017 Hummingbird RV by Jayco for a terrific price but it’s about 2 hours away. We were pretty gung ho about it but then backed off. I think since we really don’t have other camping plans this year we should save our money till next spring. It was a great price though. If we could see one locally it might make a difference.

It’s a gym day too and that’s it. Don’t need any groceries for a change.

The coming week is busy with 3 days of appts for B. We’ll get thru. After this week we should be on schedule for every 2 weeks. But there’s also my doctor appt and his BMB  early September so that will add some extra driving days. My daughter isn’t working yet so she’ll help with some appts which will be appreciated.

My labs should be in tomorrow. I’m guessing they went up and really there isn’t any more downward trends. So the question will when do we start Velcade again. Since my doctor is very conservative I may have to say I want to start when my Kappa light chains go to 100. It’s hard to know if I’m asymptomatic. But if it’s going the way it is it still may be a while. I went from 19.7 to 22.? to 25.? to ??? So 3 points a time. That’s every 6 weeks. The ratio at 2.33 so that’s above the high normal of 1.65

If I could hold off till next year, B will be in good shape and hopefully not need any interventions.

Who knows? Right?

6 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. I’ve had my share of dealing with medical stuff and worrying about lab reports, and I don’t miss it. You handle it so well. I miss camping, too, but hopefully Dale’s back will continue to improve.

    • Do you still get labs or checked for breast cancer? I have really learned over the years( 14 years) that blood is blood. Whatever the results are, that’s what it is. I still get sad at times about it but it doesn’t last too long.

  2. We are thinking about a tent camping trip to Tahoe. Mid-week, but we like reservations. Do you have any recommendations?

    • You most likely need a reservation as it’s usually all booked up this time of year. If you’re’ coming up 50, there’s Richardson’s. We’ve camped there a few times and it ok.Showers and bathrooms. Nice Beach and it’s right on the bike trail which is nice. You could also try Fallen Leaf. There might be an opening there as it’s further up toward Emerald Bay. On the East side, where we go is Nevada Beach near Round hill. Usually, all booked but it is my favorite. It is only one of two campgrounds on the Lake. You might find a spot or 2. We’re going the end of September, but I had to reserve 2 different spots to get 2 consecutive nights. On the East side our favorite is Meeks Bay. Not the private one( terrible) but the forest service one. Very nice and where we used to camp all the time. No showers. But it too is right on the water or a walk to it. Since youre tent camping there may be some odd campgrounds in the Tahoe but you wouldn’t be near the lake. Have fun, let me know what you find.

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