Simple Sunday

Today is another trip to the hospital but before I go down I will try and do my Flylady zone.

It’s the bedroom so that is generally not too involved. I did call a house cleaning service to check on a ‘deep’ clean and I’d like an estimate. If it’s reasonable I’ll schedule that for the first week of June.  Since sometime after that we will be down there at the RV spot( I hope).

There’s been a hiccup with that as the owner has had a medical issue come up. I sure hope it can be resolved but it is what it is. And his health comes first. We still have the ACS hotel as back up. We can’t book that though till we know the exact date, so it’s also hurry up and wait.

On another note, my labs came back and I’m not going to lie. It upset me. They went up 4 points out of normal range. 18.4 to 22.4. So 19. 6 is high normal. And the ration went up to 1.69 out of normal range. (1.68 is high normal). so there it is. I’m guessing I’m coming out of remission.  I’m not going to worry too much yet as it’s still a long way to treatment.  It could be 3-4 months maybe longer but clearly, myeloma cells are activating.  It’s fine really. I knew it would happen and I’ve had 3 great years. Still, with everything going on it’ll be another trial. I actually see my oncologist this coming week( yes, I know in the middle of everything else) so I can ask him. He doesn’t get too concerned as the increases have been slow.

Anyway, life goes on, one way or another.


Day -4 and counting

Today went well.

My son, Zephyr, and I went down @ 10 am, and it was nice. No traffic backed up.

Today was his graduation day from Sacramento State but he wasn’t planning on going.

he spent the entire time setting up a Spotify account for his Dad and Hulu. So entertainment wise he’ll have lots to do. He also ordered a wifi speaker from Best Buy and we will pick it up on the way home.

He was in good spirits since chemo doesn’t really kick in for about a week.



We’re heading down around 10 am again and will stay for a while. Tomorrow I’ll go alone as we need to call @ the Health care changes since open enrollment starts tomorrow and we’re not sure how that will work. Someone is supposed to call us but I’m not holding my breath and I’ll check back with them.