Here in soggy California

So still raining, but today is supposed to be sunny and then back to rain. UGhhhh, I really do get sick of it. Plus the yard looks rather sad and really needs some picking up. I did clear off the patio the other day as it looked like everything had been tossed on the patio table in hopes of someone tossing it. That turned out to be me. It all still looks forlorn and I’m seriously thinking of hitting up Home Depot for some kind of winter flower or plant to spruce it up. Anything to bring a little cheer to the front door area. Our entry is weird enough that the front door is on the side of the house and we have a gate from where we park cars that we walk thru so the angle is always weird. Plus the patio is right there and that adds to the visual clutter.  The original front door was where the porch was that we rebuilt and enclosed when we were remodeling. It’s all done with 2x 6s so it’s code but it wasn’t in our final.  I suppose if we ever were to sell we’d need to do something but that’s neither here nor there yet.  so that door which was the main door also was placed weird that it faced the lawn that was there and not a driveway either.  So now that door goes into the front room and the other room is my office. But originally that was daughters room. It’s actually quite cozy with french doors on one end. The floor is wide planked pine that B put down over the concrete floor that was there.  I suppose if we ever had money a proper remodel would be nice.

Anyway, enough rattling on about that.

So far this week, we’ve had the oncologists/hematologists appt and that went well. She took pictures of poor B’s mouth. We asked for a pain prescription and about other stuff and she was very thorough. From the second BMB, there were no other FISH (genetic anomalies). So it looks like it’s the 7 q deletion plus excessive blasts( that’s the bad part). She’s also hoping that after this second round of chemo the good cells will start winning over the bad cells but that remains to be seen.  He had another transfusion on Monday and starts chemo today. So the next 5 days will be constant. Hopefully, though, it will go smoothly. His counts are so low that risk of infection is there. So far he’s done fine except for the mouth sores.

I had my DEXA scan and shall see how the bones are in a week or so. Honestly, who cares at this point if I’m pre-osteoporosis.  Or maybe it’s there already.  I would just have to see what the doctor says about what to do with medicine.  Because I’ve had so much Aredia and Zometa, that can actually affect the bones sometimes in a negative way after years of treatment. So we’ll see.

I finished watching the ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ and it was really fun to watch. Amazingly, B did all his clothes, which were not a lot, but still, his drawers and closet look absolutely great!!! If you can watch it, I’d highly recommend it. I do think there are other methods of decluttering that are just as good or for some better. Some people do room by room and that works too. I think because I had done so much decluttering starting with Fly Lady, that when I got to Marie Kondo’s method it wasn’t overwhelming. But if you haven’t, I could see getting out every book you own would be daunting.

So off to the gym today, drop B off at infusion and then go get chicken food.

Last night I made a Thai Chicken soup and it was delicious.  If you have leftover chicken and a can of coconut milk, I’d highly recommend it.


6 thoughts on “Here in soggy California

  1. Surgical menopause due to cancer 20 years ago with no estrogen since puts me at higher risk for bone density issues. It’s a complicated subject, and it’s hard to know what to believe. Everybody has to do it their own way, but after reading up on it, I told my doctors they would have to do some serious convincing to get me on any of the osteoporosis drugs. So far, they haven’t tried. I just keep exercising, eating well, etc. One book I found helpful is The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson. Again, who knows who is right, but her perspective resonated with me.

    • Well, knowledge is power, so I’d rather know the results of a test. I’m not much one for doing lots of random tests but this does provide a baseline and then one can go from there.

  2. So far this winter is weird for Michigan…very little snow so far and some rain also.
    I finished watching Tidying Up too. She is so cute…love the way she greets the house.
    I have been pretty organized my whole life and weeding stuff out over the years has been on-going so our house isn’t bad but we have stuff that we no longer need. Our kids are long gone and their bedrooms just seem to collect stuff. One is basically an office and there a file cabinet full of paperwork…most of which I’m sure we dont need.
    The other room has become mostly a playroom for granddaughters but the youngest is almost 7 so they have outgrown alot of it. It is also my craft room and I have stuff that I will never use. So….starting to work on it. I do find that too much clutter makes me feel anxious.
    Hoping things go as well as can be expected for your husband with chemo….the mouth sores sound really miserable.

    • Sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it. It was fun watching and I think I will re-watch at some point. Yes, the weather is weird. The rain is due back today and next week looks like lots of snow in the Sierra.

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