Labs look great!!

Labs came in :

no detectable m -protein  yeah!!!

kappa 11.7 mg/L

lamdba 11.4 mg/L

ratio 1.03


happy dance……maybe champagne…wait I dont have any except some really expensive stuff I was saving for Thanksgiving….

Going into month 5 off all chemo and drugs. (except acyclovir and my regular stuff, thyroid, Lisinprol… asprin.IMG_0100

7 thoughts on “Labs look great!!

  1. Wow, those are great numbers. So happy for you. Mine are edging up again, so I really appreciate those numbers for you. Found out today that our health insurance we get thru my husband’s company is going from a 5000 deductible to a 10,000 deductible. So, it was good to read your good news, needed that today.

    • I feel very lucky I’m still getting a complete response from the Velcade. I’m glad it is encouraging to others to keep going. I know not everyone gets the same responses,so it’s important to share our good news as well as not so good. sorry about that incredible insurance deductible. One reason my husband is still working ( he’s 66) is for the insurance. We still put out our share of money( I think it’s around $800 a month) but it’s excellant and the company must be paying out alot more. I’m not sure what our deductible is but I think it’s around$2500. When I had my transplant I know the copay was @ $5000. But that was back in 2006. If I ever went forward with another it would be interesting to know the amounts. It is astonishing what Revlimid and Pomalyst costs a month.But they do keep us alive. Once we switch to Medicare I’m not sure how it’ll look.
      . Best to you. What is your treatment plan? And you do know about the LLS grant program??

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