A great read…

I just finished reading The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict. I really like historical fiction and this is a great read. Mileva Maric is brillant and has worked hard to get into an elite school in Zurich to study physics and Mathematics.  She is determined not tolet anything stop her but she meets and is eventually courted by Albert Einstien.

It’s a tragic story in a sense because she does marry Einstein and then is overshadowed by him. She is the one ( in the story and in some believe ) that has the brillant idea of special relativity that later Einstein is awarded the Nobel peace prize.  At some point they are or actually she is writing all this in a paper( which is how he wins the Nobel Peace prize) and later when it is published he does not put her name on the paper. OMG, talk about deception. She should have left then but she doesnt.

It is a brillant book and you should read it.

On another note, if you like period pieces like I do, masterpiece has Poldark  on. It is really well done and beautiful scenery of Cornwall.

Well, I’ll do an upate post soon.