Joining a gym??


For Christmas my husband is going to get a gym membership at Anytime fitness. It’s a national chain with over 3,000 spots. When he travels he can use them anywhere. It seems like a good thing. It’ll be $30 a month with a 2 year contract. I’d rather not have a contract, but most gyms dont work that way. Theres a free 7 day trial that I’m going to try.

Mostly I’d like to build up some upper body strength while I’m off any chemo. But I’m not sure I want that commitment. (the contract).

So, do any of you  belong to a gym and what is your opinion?  Has it helped to get stronger?

We belonged to a gym ages ago just for the pool. That would be my first choice, but our only local pool now is a fitness facility that is very posh and expensive, so that’s off the table. My walking is great, but I’d like to do a little more while I can.

Did you keep to the gym going even on chemo?? I know too many questions, but really any ideas would be helpful.

4 thoughts on “Joining a gym??

  1. It is vital to us all to get in some daily exercise, even if it is 30 minutes walk with your spouse (this counts, really). I recommend a gym membership only if you promise each other to set work out times/dates. Otherwise you will only go when you find time/feel motivated (fat chance!) and then you’ll feel guilt for not going. But, with a work out partner and proper scheduled times this works OK.

  2. When I was diagnosed with Amyloidosis and Multiple Myeloma in July of 2013, I had been exercising regularly and kept at it. I continued to stubbornly train for my 9th marathon (26.2 miles) while on chemo. Due to having my SCT, I did not get to run it until 6 months after, but I did. I have run 5 marathons since my SCT in 2014. I attribute exercise as an important factor in reaching and staying in remission so far. I know I am luckier than most, as mine was found early, but I do encourage others to get out and do what you can do. I know you walk regularly and think adding workouts at a the gym would be great to compliment that.

    • I’ve been a few times this last week on a 7 day free pass at the one gym (Anytime fitness) and I definetely need it. I enjoyed trying new machines out. Today, I’m going to rest and then tomorrow join the other gym which is locally owned and is only 9.95 a month. I like the other one slightly better but it’s 30. 00 a month so price wins out.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I do feel it’s really important to use this time to get stronger. When it’s time to go back on Velcade and Dex I’ll be better off.
      Amazing you can do marathons. BRavo!!

  3. I have been a member of LA Fitness since before my diagnosis in 2009. I use it mostly in the winter months when I cannot ride my bike outdoors. (Will log in over 6,000 outdoor miles this year). I normally take part in the spin classes and do some light lifting. With MM you do need to work in resistance training and not just cardio to maintain bone density. Not something I normally gravitate to so I have to push myself to do that.

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