Saturday Stuff

I’m in the middle of painting the bedroom. B will do the ceiling as I can’t use a roller like that. Even doing one wall yesterday affected my L1. It might have been moving stuff though that inflamed it. Today, I’ll do another wall and 1/2 of another. I’m going with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I’m not sure how I’ll like it but I plan to use some color in Pictures and maybe some new throw pillows. I use the pillows to plump up and put behind e for reading, so quite necessary.  This is a north room so colors have been challenging. We’ve had a soft peach, and a blue-gray. I also plan on using a gray as the trim and I’m going to get  Ikea velvet gray curtains.  There’s not really a lot to take out of this room . It’s small and has our bed, my side table I need for all my pills, a Heywood dresser and that’s it. h, there’s a bin holder with 6 bins ( Martha Stuart).



The painting is going well. One more wall then the trim.

I try and post more later.

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