my cleaning routines

The Gardener’s cottage

I was reading The Gardener’s cottage blog about her cleaning routines and I thought hmmm, maybe I’ll write something like that too. People do love her blog and especially photos of herself and her small house. Her house was in (I think) Country Living  magazine. So pretty jazzy.

I credit Flylady for my daily, weekly and monthly routines. She was the first person who helped me with decluttering too.  We got rid of so much in those first few years and then now that we embrace minimalism, we’ve gotten rid of even more. I still find things to declutter but not nearly as much as it was. Plus, I do find it’s a journey into your own attachments and emotions. I’m not nearly as emotionally attached to things as I was. I think the intentionalism of minimalism is loud and clear for me.

I use to do Feng Shui professionally. I think that also had an influence on clearing the clutter. I still feel there is more to go with creating the home space I want, but it is very  much a simple space. Realizing we only have so much space in our small house has been a big one, even though it seems obvious. When at the peak of clutteredness, we had a grand piano, 2 couches, a large oak table stuffed in this room. Now that was claustrophobic.

  • Anyway, here’s my daily to do:
  • Wake up around 5;30 and wait for coffee to be done
  • If the dishwasher needs emptying ,do that, but I try and have it done in the evening
  • make bed and tidy covers.
  • I walk @ 6 am-or so. It’s quite dark now at 6, so I try and give myself some leeway and go 6:10-6:15
  • I check banking stuff, budget stuff and blogs.
  • wipe down bathroom( I use Kirkland wipes) I know not zero waste or natural, but they work for me.
  • Tidy kitchen and plan what I’m making for dinner or if I need to batch cook rice or beans or bread.
  • start one load of laundry
  • tidy living room and other areas if needed


Now weekly, I do Flylady’s home blessing which is dusting, washing mirrors, vacuum, change sheets all on Monday. Plus whatever zone I’m in I wash those windows. since I have minimalized and decluttered it really doesn’t take me more that 15 minutes to do a room except the kitchen. The kitchen takes way longer because I wash all the cabinets, clean the stove, degrease, wash fridge etc.

Every 3-4 months I do all the outside windows using Windex’s outside spray bottle which attaches to the hose. Surprisingly, this product works great and all I do is spray the window.

Right now with the weather changing, we’ve had to move my office sitting chair into the front room. it’s too crowded and I’m just going to have to get rid of something. right now there’s 2 dog crates in my little office are. Not real happy about it but the 2 border collies are short hair and get cold when it’s raining. I still have my Heywood table I

use as a desk out there but it’s not as comfy as the chair.