Simple Sunday

It’s the end of October. Wow.. I’m sure November is going to go by quickly and  then it’s the Christmas season. I didn’t really hit my Santa fund goal of $1000 but close enough. This is going to a minimalist Christmas for sure. There are no big purchases just stuff we need really. Costco has a Cuisinart food processor on sale for $30 off so I’m going to do that for me. My son, I’m getting Bose headphones. After flying, I’d say one of the things that made it tolerable was using headphones. His are not noise canceling but they did cut the sound by 50%.  So these Bose are noise cancelling. My husband can borrow them when he flys next which will be to Southern Cal in December. Other than that a few journals, pens, and an Easton press book for each.


imageIt was interesting to go thru the bedroom while painting and there was zero that I wanted to get rid of.  That doesn’t include the closet which now is holding stuff till I finish the painting.

last night I made breaded tofu and chicken from a recipe in one of my favorite books ever The Kitchen counter cookbook. It’s baked and the tofu came out as good as southern fried tofu.  Try it.

Tonight I’m going to do a curry with tofu ,potatoes,carrots and whatever else jumps in the pot.

Saturday Stuff

I’m in the middle of painting the bedroom. B will do the ceiling as I can’t use a roller like that. Even doing one wall yesterday affected my L1. It might have been moving stuff though that inflamed it. Today, I’ll do another wall and 1/2 of another. I’m going with Simply White by Benjamin Moore. I’m not sure how I’ll like it but I plan to use some color in Pictures and maybe some new throw pillows. I use the pillows to plump up and put behind e for reading, so quite necessary.  This is a north room so colors have been challenging. We’ve had a soft peach, and a blue-gray. I also plan on using a gray as the trim and I’m going to get  Ikea velvet gray curtains.  There’s not really a lot to take out of this room . It’s small and has our bed, my side table I need for all my pills, a Heywood dresser and that’s it. h, there’s a bin holder with 6 bins ( Martha Stuart).



The painting is going well. One more wall then the trim.

I try and post more later.