simple Sunday​

Well, my sister and the 3 daughters got here a little late due to a plane issue but it went fine and they are nice young woman. All well educated. She must be proud. She is still pursuing getting the info on the lung transplant due to the interstitial lung disease. I’m sure it will be difficult to decide.  today we’re going to Naggiar Winery for lunch. We went there last year and it was quite nice. Then we’ll come back here and visit. I always lay down @ 3 ( for my back) so I’ll do that and they can visit with my brother.

I have dinner all prepped: butternut squash soup , a large chopped salad with lots of veggies, and mini sandwiches just as an extra.

On another note, we should be finally getting the last underwriting approval for the harp loan this week. I’m hoping Tuesday we can e-sign and then have the mobile notary here by Friday. There’s a 3 day waiting period, so hopefully, all done by the time we’re heading to Florida. Since we will be able to skip a payment that should help with the budget.

Speaking of the budget, it still seems to be getting giggled a lot. We have our fixed expenses and then there’s the irregular ones and that ‘s what throws me. I just need to with them down and plan better. In November we have house insurance (annual bill) and then December property taxes. So 2 big bills to deal with.  I’d still like to get one month ahead like YNAB suggests, but it just hasn’t happened. maybe with the one month grace period with the house payment will help that.

Well, off to tidy things .