A nice trip!!

Quincy Ca is a nice town in the Sierras. This Thursday starts the High Sierra Festival which thousands of people descend to the town for the music. It’s a great boost to the economy which this town really needs. It’s quite  a depressed economy but a lovely place to live.

There’s lots of retirees, throwbacks of the 60’s, survivalists(probably ) and whoever else likes to be somewhat isolated.  We had thought of moving here but it’s too isolated for me and medical needs would be too far away. Anyway, we are leaving so we’ll miss the hordes of people and germs.

Ada’s of Quincy is a wonderful place to stay with little cottages. We were in Hopsings and it was beautiful. We cooked a nice dinner( salmon, couscous, and fresh corn on the cob. Yummy and nice.  Breakfast was homemade yogurt and granola with peaches.  My yogurt had great flavor but was just a little watery.  I like the crockpot method but I think the temperature needed to be a little warmer. I will make some more maybe today.

Normally this would be my week off Velcade but now it’s the beginning of being off for a while. My first labs (CBC,CMP) have come back great. So I’m very pleased. I should get my Light chains today or tomorrow. We shall see.

Then we’re heading down to Truckee for B to work and check out 2 rescue dogs my daughter is interested in adopting.  They are older border collies. I ‘m not too sure and would rather not have dogs at this point, but they’d be hers,not mine. The story is sad and compelling that these we’re working border collies and the rancher was going to shoot them since they’d gotten too old. So a neighbor rescued them.  And they are at a no-kill shelter at least. So we will stop and look. Then home by @ 2pm since it’s still hovering around a 100 degrees.

The rest of the week is open not sure what I’ll do.  I do need to work on our schedule for our Tahoe camping trip as someone needs to be home to deal with chickens and cats and the 2 cockatiels.



2 thoughts on “A nice trip!!

  1. I am chiming in again to say how much I am enjoying your blog. After discovering it, “went back” and started reading it from the beginning. You are my unknowing MM mentor (and home cooking, and minimalism and walking and reading …. And …) — my diagnosis was only a year and a half ago. I am post SCT and on a revlimid maintenance regimen currently. You are SO inspiring!

    Additionally, is the crockpot recipe you mention here one for yogurt? Would you mind sharing?


    • Geez, thanks for that vote of support. It’s a weird life having myeloma and having treatments, and then being in remission. Being only a year and a half from diagnosis, it’s still a lot. Just going thru an SCT is a feat in of its self. I was on Revlimid for 5 years before it stopped working. But I started having the IBS start @ year 3 so, be sure to get Questran for diarrhea. I honestly, didn’t know what to do and I kept mentioning it to my oncologist but it wasn’t taken seriously. Then I read on the Myeloma Beacon someone with the same symptoms and viola, it was a miracle. I could go out for lunch or just go out. so just a heads up if constant diarrhea starts to happen.
      So happy you’re post SCT and doing well. if I can answer anything, let me know.

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