If a tree falls…

I cannot believe it. We’re on the patio getting ready to grill our beautiful organic steak I purchased from organic meats. And all of a sudden we hear a huge crack and see our neighbours’ tree fall hitting two other trees. There was NO WIND or anything. Boom! it just went. I totally freaked. I can not believe this could happen when there was not even a breeze. Fortunately, the tree fell away from our neighbor’s house. He is quite elderly, lives alone and has poor hearing. But he managed to come outside and check it out. We were already over there looking. This was not even a dead tree. Still green.  Now I’m seriously thinking we’d better start budgeting for the next set of trees we want out. There’s about 3 that still are leaning in so….. Too crazy.

Yesterday was still a dex day but I went to town and then to the Koffee Klatch to catch up with everyone. It’s nice to get to socialize a little. I’m quite an introvert so, normally I don’t do things like this, but I’ve come to enjoy this group.

I also started a new level of minimalizing. I’m reading ‘The More with Less’ by Joshua Becker which I will review at a later time. But he does point out some things that spurred me into getting rid of old earrings and little stuff I never use. More stuff to goodwill. Plus getting rid of the whole set of dishes has opened shelves for pantry stuff to be more organized. I also got rid of some very old books(1940’s) that had been bought at a library sale and obviously no has cracked open.  Plato? well, maybe in college, but certainly not now.  So good. I can really see the results. I’m going to write a whole blog or series on this process soon.

Today, my daughter and I are going to a new nursery to get tomato plants and some other things. Should be fun. We’re eating lovely lettuce and peas from the garden right now.

Wednesday stuff

I’m off to Sacramento for my shot and then to Costco. The last shot left quite a bruise so I’m hoping this one doesn’t. Not sure why some shots bruise and others just redness. This was quite a dark bruise, though.

On Monday the dentist visit really pi#* me off. First, I have all this plaque build up even though I just had a cleaning in January. Evidently the trays for the Invisalign are keeping saliva on my teeth causing whatever  causes plaque. I was in the chair over an hour . For me, that’s quite difficult with my back and later that day my leg was flipping out probably due to the L 1 bulging disc getting affected by sitting in the chair. Then the dentist took off the post for the Invisalign because I’m going to need new  trays. I was getting pretty upset. Then, the technician couldn’t get the thing in my mouth to take the pictures and then resorted to an impression.  So, I decided to not wear the same try in the day and only at night as a retainer. it’s not moving teeth at this point just stabilizing.  I’m seriously thinking this isn’t going to work for me. One reason I’m going to Costco is to get the Sonic care tooth brush. The hygienist said that might help. But the real problem is the trays causing me to retain the saliva I’m obviously producing. Geez, What a PITA.

I made some homemade granola yesterday . Quite tasty and very easy.

Plus in my minimalising my dish sets, I decided to part with my Franciscan ware Desert Rose set. I packed them away in 2013 when I started minimalizing and just opened the box. I had put them on a few shelves, but realised I’m not really going to use them very often. maybe once or twice a year. So I’m sending them to my niecesIMG_0391( my sisters grown daughters and they can have fun with them.

Well, off to get ready.


Monday morning….

Unknown.jpegIt’s going to be a really nice day hovering around 70 degrees. As the week goes on even nicer in the 80’s. Today , I go for my regular labs for my Wednesday shot. The neuropathy i back so I guess that’s what it was before. it’s not intolerable but it does make my legs feel funny and I’m not getting up to walk around too quickly. The dex , of course, masks it for a few days but today its quite noticeable. Only 2 more shots in cycle 5 and then the last cycle 6 will be in June. I suppose there is the consideration of not doing cycle 6 but I’d like to have 3 cycles of no m spike.  I guess we’ll see what my doctor says in June. Either way, by July I will be off drugs since he’snot going to do Velcade as maintenance.  Whether i get 6 months drug-free or 1 month, we ‘ll just have to wait and see. I hate the waiting game but not much choice there.

Then I have a dental hygienist appointment after my labs and then a rescan for my Invisalign. What a pain. He discovered there was a filing loose behind a tooth and it was blocking the movement of one tooth . So he had to temporarily fix that and then said I needed to have the  rescan. PITA..

Oh, the joys…

Unknown.jpegYesterday, I made English muffins and they were fun to make. You make a starter kind of like a sourdough then let it rest for 121 hours or so. Then make the dough and slowly rise in the fridge for 24 and then you make little rounds and toast on a griddle. It was pretty cool.  And they tasted good. I don’t think I’d make them all the time but it was fun to do. Next up is trying to make bagels.

M.F.K. Fisher

I just finished reading the newly released ‘The Theoretical Foot’ by MFK Fisher. It has just been published although she wrote it many years ago. The manuscript was found in her editors’ things after he died.

She lived not that far from here in Glen Ellen, California. ( where lots of wine is made and beautiful vineyards everywhere).

This book is  historical fiction and is based on her relationship with Dillwyn Parrish. It takes place in Switzerland around 1938( I think). He bought an old farm and restored the farmhouse. Here in this particular summer, family comes to visit and MFK does a lot of cooking.  It’s here at the end of the summer that Dillwith has his first tragic medical crisis and eventually loses his leg. He is diagnosed with Buerger’s disease. It is an interesting story filled with intriguing characters.

It is a complex book with different characters ‘speaking’ in the story.  I enjoyed it for the most part becauseI love ‘looking into the lives of other people and how they lived.


Happy Mothers day!

To all moms out there, have a great day.

For me, being a mother has been the single greatest thing in my life. Well, I think marrying my husband is first because he helped with having the children. I was an older mom and then and even older mom when my son came along. I had a lot of fun with my children and never thought of it as a burden. WE didn’t have a typical middle-class experience but they had  creative and interesting childhoods. ( At least I think so).

Before we had our children our pets were are kids. Our first boy was Jason. A wonderful golden retriever mix. He lived to be 15. Then there was Papillion my baby. She was a white haired blue eyed cat. Papillion lived to be 21 and we finally put her to sleep right before we moved to this house were in. She was just too old to move.She and Jason went on many adventures with us even camping and then traveling from Tucson to California when we moved here in 1975.

There have been many other pets along the way and they were our ‘kids’ too.  So to all mothers out there enjoy a special day.



Happy Cinco de Mayo !!

Enjoy lots of great Mexican food, preferably homemade.

We’re back into the cooler, cloudy weather. It’s nice since we fo needs a little rain. Our lettuce is growing nicely and it could use some water. WE still haven’t got our tomatoes but soon. Usually, we have started going in the greenhouse but for some reason, we don’t. We’ll go to the nursery and get some. Really tomatoes don’t go in the ground here till the end of May.


Today, I’m going into Target for shower curtains and some cat food. Such an exciting life I have:).cinco-de-mayo

The week ahead.

Today is my Velcade shot in Sacramento. I’m not shopping afterwards, so I should be home in a few hours. Or I’m thinking maybe a quick stop at Whole Foods to get something called barley malt syrup which is used in making bagels. I’m going to try making bagels, which sound easy but who knows, the barley malt is actually added to the water to do something to the bagels. I’ve checked our stores locally and can’t find it or I’m looking in the wrong place. ( a distinct possibility). Plus I take dex when I get home, so I was thinking of picking up a chicken at whole foods too. But I don’t know. I guess it depends on how I feel when I leave the cancer center.

A Just Keep Walking update. We are in the countdown to the end of year 3. It’s T-minus 27 days and counting….  Pretty exciting! of course, its just keep on walking…

On other fronts, our 4 chickies have really grown and it’s maybe a few weeks now and they can be brought out to the big cage. The one white one we’ve named Georgia is really a chicken with character. She’s smart and comes when you call her( well, we think she does:))…

Budget wise, things are tight but doable. I’m hoping one of these internships for my son at the junior college works out, so at least he can get some spending money. That’s probably what’s impacting the budget. We want to help him at this time, but there’s only so much we realistically can do. His course fees are covered by the California board of governors, which is great.

We are in for cloudy days and some rain. I guess we’ll take it since the gardens do look dry and I’ve already watered some.