Wednesday stuff

I’m off to Sacramento for my shot and then to Costco. The last shot left quite a bruise so I’m hoping this one doesn’t. Not sure why some shots bruise and others just redness. This was quite a dark bruise, though.

On Monday the dentist visit really pi#* me off. First, I have all this plaque build up even though I just had a cleaning in January. Evidently the trays for the Invisalign are keeping saliva on my teeth causing whatever  causes plaque. I was in the chair over an hour . For me, that’s quite difficult with my back and later that day my leg was flipping out probably due to the L 1 bulging disc getting affected by sitting in the chair. Then the dentist took off the post for the Invisalign because I’m going to need new  trays. I was getting pretty upset. Then, the technician couldn’t get the thing in my mouth to take the pictures and then resorted to an impression.  So, I decided to not wear the same try in the day and only at night as a retainer. it’s not moving teeth at this point just stabilizing.  I’m seriously thinking this isn’t going to work for me. One reason I’m going to Costco is to get the Sonic care tooth brush. The hygienist said that might help. But the real problem is the trays causing me to retain the saliva I’m obviously producing. Geez, What a PITA.

I made some homemade granola yesterday . Quite tasty and very easy.

Plus in my minimalising my dish sets, I decided to part with my Franciscan ware Desert Rose set. I packed them away in 2013 when I started minimalizing and just opened the box. I had put them on a few shelves, but realised I’m not really going to use them very often. maybe once or twice a year. So I’m sending them to my niecesIMG_0391( my sisters grown daughters and they can have fun with them.

Well, off to get ready.


One thought on “Wednesday stuff

  1. My grandmother had the Franciscan ware Apple pattern; my family grew up with the FW “Large Fruit” stoneware (since discontinued). We had a relative that worked for Franciscan so my mom and grandmother were able to get a very substantial discount when they bought it. You could probably do well if you put your dishes on eBay – people are still collecting it (my sister got the entire Apple set from my grandmother’s estate, and I think she still looks for pieces on eBay).

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