M.F.K. Fisher

I just finished reading the newly released ‘The Theoretical Foot’ by MFK Fisher. It has just been published although she wrote it many years ago. The manuscript was found in her editors’ things after he died.

She lived not that far from here in Glen Ellen, California. ( where lots of wine is made and beautiful vineyards everywhere).

This book is  historical fiction and is based on her relationship with Dillwyn Parrish. It takes place in Switzerland around 1938( I think). He bought an old farm and restored the farmhouse. Here in this particular summer, family comes to visit and MFK does a lot of cooking.  It’s here at the end of the summer that Dillwith has his first tragic medical crisis and eventually loses his leg. He is diagnosed with Buerger’s disease. It is an interesting story filled with intriguing characters.

It is a complex book with different characters ‘speaking’ in the story.  I enjoyed it for the most part becauseI love ‘looking into the lives of other people and how they lived.


Happy Mothers day!

To all moms out there, have a great day.

For me, being a mother has been the single greatest thing in my life. Well, I think marrying my husband is first because he helped with having the children. I was an older mom and then and even older mom when my son came along. I had a lot of fun with my children and never thought of it as a burden. WE didn’t have a typical middle-class experience but they had  creative and interesting childhoods. ( At least I think so).

Before we had our children our pets were are kids. Our first boy was Jason. A wonderful golden retriever mix. He lived to be 15. Then there was Papillion my baby. She was a white haired blue eyed cat. Papillion lived to be 21 and we finally put her to sleep right before we moved to this house were in. She was just too old to move.She and Jason went on many adventures with us even camping and then traveling from Tucson to California when we moved here in 1975.

There have been many other pets along the way and they were our ‘kids’ too.  So to all mothers out there enjoy a special day.