If a tree falls…

I cannot believe it. We’re on the patio getting ready to grill our beautiful organic steak I purchased from organic meats. And all of a sudden we hear a huge crack and see our neighbours’ tree fall hitting two other trees. There was NO WIND or anything. Boom! it just went. I totally freaked. I can not believe this could happen when there was not even a breeze. Fortunately, the tree fell away from our neighbor’s house. He is quite elderly, lives alone and has poor hearing. But he managed to come outside and check it out. We were already over there looking. This was not even a dead tree. Still green.  Now I’m seriously thinking we’d better start budgeting for the next set of trees we want out. There’s about 3 that still are leaning in so….. Too crazy.

Yesterday was still a dex day but I went to town and then to the Koffee Klatch to catch up with everyone. It’s nice to get to socialize a little. I’m quite an introvert so, normally I don’t do things like this, but I’ve come to enjoy this group.

I also started a new level of minimalizing. I’m reading ‘The More with Less’ by Joshua Becker which I will review at a later time. But he does point out some things that spurred me into getting rid of old earrings and little stuff I never use. More stuff to goodwill. Plus getting rid of the whole set of dishes has opened shelves for pantry stuff to be more organized. I also got rid of some very old books(1940’s) that had been bought at a library sale and obviously no has cracked open.  Plato? well, maybe in college, but certainly not now.  So good. I can really see the results. I’m going to write a whole blog or series on this process soon.

Today, my daughter and I are going to a new nursery to get tomato plants and some other things. Should be fun. We’re eating lovely lettuce and peas from the garden right now.

3 thoughts on “If a tree falls…

  1. Hi Christina! We’re in a magazine together! Did you know that? Did they find us thru each other’s blogs??? I was interviewed late Nov 2015, when were you? Write to me at Missy.Myeloma9@gmail.com and I’ll tell you more! :)))
    I love your minimizing goals! Mine too, but just so overwhelming to do, as I have so few energetic days :(( Plus I am sooooo sentimental about all our family “heirlooms”, my kid’s things, etc… especially now that MM has dramatically changed (and shortened) my life. I was thinking I should take a one month MM med “holiday” so I can clean out all our stuff LOL! xoxo

    • We got Brandywine, zebra, early girl, San Marzono, Amish paste. And I think one other. Most of these are too make sauce to freeze for the winter. Last year I put up over 12 quart size bags of tomato paste.

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