The week ahead.

Today is my Velcade shot in Sacramento. I’m not shopping afterwards, so I should be home in a few hours. Or I’m thinking maybe a quick stop at Whole Foods to get something called barley malt syrup which is used in making bagels. I’m going to try making bagels, which sound easy but who knows, the barley malt is actually added to the water to do something to the bagels. I’ve checked our stores locally and can’t find it or I’m looking in the wrong place. ( a distinct possibility). Plus I take dex when I get home, so I was thinking of picking up a chicken at whole foods too. But I don’t know. I guess it depends on how I feel when I leave the cancer center.

A Just Keep Walking update. We are in the countdown to the end of year 3. It’s T-minus 27 days and counting….  Pretty exciting! of course, its just keep on walking…

On other fronts, our 4 chickies have really grown and it’s maybe a few weeks now and they can be brought out to the big cage. The one white one we’ve named Georgia is really a chicken with character. She’s smart and comes when you call her( well, we think she does:))…

Budget wise, things are tight but doable. I’m hoping one of these internships for my son at the junior college works out, so at least he can get some spending money. That’s probably what’s impacting the budget. We want to help him at this time, but there’s only so much we realistically can do. His course fees are covered by the California board of governors, which is great.

We are in for cloudy days and some rain. I guess we’ll take it since the gardens do look dry and I’ve already watered some.





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