‘Just Keep Walking’ update

We just passed day 970 of walking every single day. Only 30 more till I reach the goal of 1,000 days of walking!

Right now we’re getting out around 6;45 , mostly because its dark and cold and rainy. We’ve had a long spell of rain here in California. I guess when they said EL Nino , they meant it. Today we had a break but its suppose to come back in tonight and be quite heavy tomorrow.  Ugh…… sick of it.

I was in the Flylady bedroom zone. Pretty easy for me as its all decluttered and all I need to do is wash windows and tidy my desk. We only have a small closet with shelves and I’ve rearranged some of them for better use. I have some under the bed bins that hold my antique wedding dress( was a tea dress that was my great grandmothers), some vintage linens and a few other things.

I made a roast chicken for the week and tomorrow will make some rice for the week. I might make the organic white  rice this week. I plan on staying home tomorrow and then Wednesday is Sacramento.

I also had 2 blood draws today. One was my regular CBC to see how I am for Wednesday and the other was a nicotine test for my husbands insurance.

Still  watching Vera  and I’m watching a few Outlander. I love the whole Scottish thing but the rest with her and Jaime gets a little old for me.

Finished up reading ‘Spark Joy’ and it is much better than the first book. I’d recommend it.


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