Saturday stuff

Of course, its still raining. At least isn’t the massive snow storm imageback east. Anyone watch’ the day after tomorrow’? well, there it is folks. Global warming. Anyway, I decluttered some spices and took out the little desk I was using in the now sitting area. I was just using it for the ¬†printer and my date books.budget book etc. So now I just have the chair. I think I’m still leaning toward the day bed idea and then I can take my naps or lay down when needed. Plus I can use big pillows to lean up against. Just not sure yet thats what I want in this space. Adding the treadmill(which folds up ) has been great. I’m doing a little extra walking on it maybe every other day. ¬† So i’ll just have to see how this evolves.

On another note, our refrigerator finally is on its last leg. The other day I noticed the shelf wasn’t super cold and thought .hummm . So I checked the next day too and still not super cold. I raised the number for the temperature and its better but still. No one wants food poisoning if the temperatures aren’t cold enough in the fridge. So I’ve ordered from Home Depot a bottom drawer freezer/refrig. I still haven’t gotten the confirmation but delivery should be next Friday. They can take the old one away too. I really have to have to spend over $1000 but we have waited and now its time. I am concerned about finances but we will just have to keep going. I told both my adult children that in July( half way point in the year), they will have to pay us more rent. Right now my daughter is quite responsible and always pays her ‘rent’ and extras. My son has been less so and this semester we are covering his expenses since he’s taking 21 units. He has worked 2 jobs last year, but spends whatever he makes so thats where he needs to be more conscientious.

I am going to have to get a newer car sometime in the next 6 months, so I’m not sure how that will play out. I can sell the VW for probably $2500 and that would help. My van isn’t really worth anything(17 years old now). We will keep it though for ump runs etc. Maybe by mid year we’ll have a better idea of whats up.

Not really cooking anything today. I thought we’d get pizza later or some tacos. I don’t feel like cooking. I have stuff in the freezer so if someone else wants to , it’s there.

With this snow storm back east, it has me thinking again of stockpiling some food things. We have some stuff but I think I could be more organized with it and have things like canned organic vegetables, etc. If power were to go , so would the freezer and canned goods would be better in that scenario. In years past, we have lost power for days. When the big Ponderosa trees came down in 2007, we were with out power around 3 days. But others were out for many days or even a week. So it can happen. More than likely it will.

Well, on with the day.