A very weird day!

There are just some days when weird stuff happens without any interference or doing on your part. Yesterday was one on those. I was coming off my dex intensity, and up early.

I walked in the rain and then needed to get home to call about an issue I had with a refund from a company I had bought a thermostat from. This company upon receiving the item back said, wouldn’t refund the money because the box was damaged. I complained and said the box was not damaged and only had a small tear on the very top flap where I opened. it. Well, no they weren’t taking it. SO, I thought about this in today’s world of how Costco does returns, amazon etc.. So I wrote a complaint to the better Business bureau in their area telling them what happened. Within 1 day, I got a response from the BBB and then the next day a response from he company saying ‘we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and now would give me my full refund. So I was calling to follow up and be sure it was all in place. A lesson learned. I could have just let it go as it was only $60 but I felt they were wrong, so I ‘m amazed it worked out.

But , now I was running late to get to my lab appointment. So out I go,no breakfast,which for me is a blood sugar issue. I get my favorite phlebotomist, and ohh he doesn’t quite get it and I can feel pain in the vein. I didn’t say anything, but went out muttering, oh no, not my favorite guy:(

Then I’m off to get a Starbucks coffee and get to the tire place that I have an appointment with to get the VW shocks done in the back. We decided to do a little at a time to get the VW some services needed. So My daughter comes and gets me aff we go to do some chores.

That went well, and then I get a call from he tire place that they don’t hear the squeak I mentioned and that the shocks look ok. HUhhhhh, really,! So he says it would be an upgrade but you don’t need them. I’m a little confused like, I kinda wanted to get these done. ?? oh well, we finish our breakfast that we are sharing and go get it.

Oh, in the middle of all that I’m trying to return my new walking shoes as they’re too tight across my bone spur area. So into the box they go and off to Amazon( that was easy). Now though I need some new walking shoes since these are pretty much gone.

So, now back home, I’m exhausted. My daughter had driven in before be and it’s raining and comes running that a HUGE coyote got a chicken. Great, it’s pouring and now we’ve got a coyote out here. She gathers what’s left of it and puts it in a bag for my husband to bury. Geez. We have been letting the chickens wander around outside their pen and we’ve been letting on of our cats out for short periods. Not in the foreseeable future ,I guess.

Plus, we are heading out tomorrow, so no one will be home in the daytime to watch things. So weird….

Then, I don’t feel like cooking dinner, so that’s always not fun as everyone sort of stares like,”well, what is there to eat?”. Well, tons of stuff.  onward….

But, wait for it,……… I check my email right before bed and there’s a lab result. I open it and am absolutely amazed. My WBC is 7.5 thousand/ul, my RBC over 4.1 million /ul, my neutrophils over 5000cells/ul. This is like amazing and even better my platelets have gone up to 176,000 thousand/ul.

Now most of you don’t get blood drawn almost every week, but for me on this new chemo therapy, this is amazing news. Next week I get the other labs which actually will show the cancer markers. I don’t want to get too excited but darn it’s hard not to.

Anyway, it was a very weird and wild day.