Rainy Saturday

Its been raining on and off all day. Cold and rainy. But we’ve been in a drought so I won’t totally complain. But still I dislike the ongoing rain and gloom. Still we were up walking at 7 am. Not earlier as it was kinda dark and it was drizzling. Ive been using the treadmill some days but not today. Today I was puttering with some finalizing of decluttered areas.

Then brilliant husband put up my new Ikea pot rack. I love it !!  I’ve put all my all clad there and after they are scrubbed by dear hubby, they will look even better. FYI, these all clad were bought around 24 years ago as a set. They are a big investment but last a lifetime. I have had their non stick pans and I don’t think they’re worth it as they only go for 3 years or so before the non stick is done. I’d also recommend and investment in Le Crueset. I’ve had my dutch oven again for almost 25 years and  about the same on the other. This year I’m going to invest in anew Le Crueset dutch oven . Since they are a hefty price I will try and plan it as maybe a Mothers day gift or anniversary.

The budget continues to just limp along. My biggest frustration is I want to save more or pay down the car or mortgage, but its just business as usual. I am grateful for what we have  though as not too long ago there wasn’t money to pay basic bills. I do worry about retirement money but I guess we shall see. If theme comes and we have to sell, then we will. We don’t really want to move as this is a perfect location for being retired . on the other hand it is an expensive area to  live. I know some people want to just sell and move ,downsize, but our house is so small we’d probably be renting a bigger place. Ha Ha!!

We’ve been watching Vera and its quite good. Not super fast moving, but I adore her character. Older DCI in northern England. A little frumpy and slightly overweight. Gee sounds a little like me. Well, I’ve never been a DCI but I am quite the sleuth and and am always looking out for odd things to  check out. ( what are our new neighbors doing building a weird workshop behind heir house)??? Plus its obvious that their from Sacramento and don’t get the rural part of country living.Hummm, we shall be  watching.


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