New year !

Here we are in 2016. Its still cloudy and cold in Northern California and we’re due for more rain and snow Monday. Geez, I want to run away to ….the sun …anywhere… As I’ve said we do get cold weather this time of year but it doesn’t go on and on and on.. The poor geese in the park. All the grass is covered in frost when we walk, so we’ve been bringing some wild bird food for them. But we will stop as soon as it warms up as we don’t want them to be too dependent.

Elsewhere, we went to Ikea to get my son a ¬†closet. Very nice but we forgot to check how many boxes it was suppose to be… so ,of course ,there we’re 3 and we came home with 2. So ,off my husband went this morning. It’s a 50 minute drive to west Sacramento. Ugh…. but I got a nice wooden spoon out of it and some wood salad tong things…ok, a few more things so that wasn’t a good no spend day. But tomorrow will be.

This week is my doctor appt and next Velcade shot. I had this last week off so the bruising in the shot areas look better. So far so good.

Next, today I did the Fafsa app for my son. He’s still at the junior college but I do it anyway as he gets the Board of Governors grant. I don’t think the two are related but I did it anyway. It only took forever to finally figure out I needed a new id. So 3 hours later.. I signed and its submitted. I think Zephyr will go not this fall, but 2017.He’d like to go either to San Francisco state or UCLA for film or video something. He’s a great student and seems to know his direction.