Winter solstice

On my first try, it says solciste…..DUH…. it’s SOLSTICE!!!

It is the shortest day of the year, and the light will start increasing after today.

We were out walking in pouring rain. Uhh, why? well, just to keep walking.  Well, honestly, we only went around once and that was enough. Its still raining and I guess, its suppose to all day and even tonight. Its snowing in the Sierras, and hopefully my daughters drive isn’t too awful. I told her to book a hotel there, but not sure that’s what she wants to do. Maybe someone she works with will offer a room. They have in the past so….

I had my CBC blood test this am , so I should know how my platelets are tomorrow. I go Wednesday for my shot. Next week I’ll get the full blood work up and then I should know if anything has changed.

I’m reading another Wallander book today and I may download a kindle book. Not sure wha tI want to read next.

I made a turkey dinner last night complete with stuffing and gravy. Grilled tofu for the veggie. It was good and the homemade cranberry sauce really good with orange zest in it. i have lots to freeze for soup or whatever.

B is off working and will be gone overnight so I’ll make left overs for dinner or a sandwich.

We finished watching Doc Martin season 7 and it ended good. Basically alls good in Portwenn. It’s a great series especially the village of ‘Portwenn”.


3 thoughts on “Winter solstice

  1. ‘Portwenn’ aka Port Isaac is quite close to where I live. It’s just as beautiful in real life, just the same as in the programme!
    Good luck with the blood tests, I hope they go well.

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