The week ahead.

These are few of the ugly ornaments!!!


Yesterday was the costco trip. I don’t think we will be back before christmas. I bought an organic apple pie and froze 1/2 for Christmas dessert. We’re not big dessert eaters so that should be fine. We bought a nice selection of wines, that was buy 6 and get $18 off. None of them individually was more than $6.00 so good deal. And some champagne. Potatoes for latkes last night and then B said they were organic so even better. Plus the usual coffee, TP , oatmeal etc. All in all ,not ¬†too bad. But that’s my shopping for the month except for things to fill in. i’ll need lasagne noodles for Christmas and a few things like that

Today, I did the kitchen zone, always the biggest in our little house. Just need to mop the floor.

Wednesday we go down to Sac for my second Velcade shot. Then I’ll take the dex when I get home. We’re suppose to go to Tahoe( B for work, me for fun) but its suppose to be snowing and it’ll be a dex day. So, I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I wasn’t feel great this morning so…

A fellow blogger asked about my ugly ornament tree. See pictures above!!

Well, we all know not all ornaments are Hallmark so somehow we ended up with some weird ornaments and my daughter (quite the funny person) suggested we start an ugly ornament tree.