Just rolling along!

Yesterday was my 3rd Velcade shot. Still its not too bad to go to Sacto. I’m still looking into a lease car for when I start going by myself. Not sure if we can afford to, but I think we will at least check it out. I can drive the 2000 vw but its 16 years old and not sure I quite trust it or I can drive my 1999 dodge caravan, 17 years old 147,000 miles. So….. I will think about for the beginning of next year. It would appear I’ll be on Velcade( figuring it will bring my numbers down), or some other IV in the future so…

Heres a shot of me looking like “Elf” wandering around looking for a christmas tree in the snow.IMG_0380Ha, Ha or Ho Ho!!

this was our Forest service $10 tree permit I’ve wanted to do forever..!! Of course, this adds to my forest of trees in the very small house. What is it with me and christmas trees. ??? Not very minimalistic, but somehow it works.

Today, I have my little koffee klatch with the friends of Applegate Library. I still haven’t even been in to the library. Fortunately, my librarian daughter gets me all my books from her branch.  My absolute favorite right now is Henning Mankell  And the Kurt Wallander series. He was a really great writer. I love the setting in Sweden.

B is headed down to Costco for wine for his accounts as Christmas gifts. So, i’ll have him pick up a few things like butter and cream.

Then he’ll pop over to Trader Joes and  get a few more things I like to get there.

We are in for cloudy rainy weather for over a week. Ugh, I need sun and warm weather. Hawaii anyone. Sure ,If you can afford it.

I’m going to work on our goals for 2016, financial and home improvements and personal.