December goals and budget

So far, pretty good on the Velcade. Even taking the dex in the morning, I did really well. So I’m hopeful this will work and I get a good response. I won’t have any blood work till after Christmas so,it’s a waiting game. But I feel good.

This morning it’s cloudy and it must have rained some over night and at least it warmed up. I had a nice walk this morning.

So, today part of the budget is to go pay property taxes, then dollar store and target for more lights. ( tree lights). We use lights all year on our house outside since there is no outdoor lighting. Plus I love the twinkle of them.

I’m going to be really careful with the food budget and keep track of it. The other day we spent $100 at trader joes, and I will go to Costco on Sunday. Some of that is non food stuff ,so I may take that out of food $ and see if separating it makes a difference. Christmas shopping is done except some $ for my brother and a few gift things for a friend.

December goals include having as many no spend days as possible.

Walk extra on the treadmill.

visit with my friend for Hanukkha.

do something special with B( maybe Tahoe alone)?

plan budget numbers for 2016 including non monthly bills(properly tax, car tags etc)

Write out goals for house and yard updates. We need a new bathroom fan, stepping stones for outside etc…