Friday Stuff

We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and the sierra got quite a bit of snow. It took my daughter an extra 1/2 hour to get home. Today it is sunny and beautiful.


Didn’t do too much this morning around the house since all the decorations are up. We still have the bird tree, ugly ornament tree, the snoopy tree and the one big one for other ornaments. We bought that one last year on sale. Its a nice tree. So all done. It looks festive. Sunday at sundown to Hanukkah and we will light the candles.. Or the first candle to be exact. I’m ¬†only doing a money envelope the first night and then thats it. plus I’ll make potato latkes, which we all love.

I was looking at someones blog called ( i think) and she had some amazing pictures of Norway. Since I will never visit Norway it was a real treat to see this and experience a part of the world that is so different. Check it out her bog is quite lovely.

my velcade shot area is diminishing in redness so thats good. Next shot next Wednesday. I did feel a twinge of numb feeling in my pinky finger so I’ll be watching this. Right now its minuscule but I am super sensitive to my body, so we’ll see.

This weekend is a costco trip, mostly for coffeeand TP… always the important things…image