Pretty fall colors

Our weather has definitely changed to fall weather. Much cooler and our oaks are turning their yellow colors.  Things are back to normal after my sister left on Sunday. We moved out the extra bed and now I’ve moved one of those arts and crafts style chairs out there. It’s nice and a good use of space. This is the room where my daughter had her bed etc. this summer it was our remodel and that’s when after we took the skylight out we knew we needed a roof. So, one thing lead to another. I still have miscellanous hanging around but shall get to it.

Today was doctor appt day. Just as I thought he said lets do another cycle of pomalyst. He said , and I agree, we need to hold off as long as possible to use another drug. So all in all, my numbers did go down. Not a lot but still down. I need to get another blood test Monday to make sure my neutrophils are up and then get the Pom delivered. So I won’t even start till next week. Next month I’ll get the zometa infusion since its been 6 months.

Then B and I went to Mexican lunch and then home. Tomorrow I was suppose to take a friend for surgery, but it was cancelled. I’m going to go do some errands and then the Applegate coffee klatch. My sinuses are bothering me with the fall cooler temperatures and so I’m not feeling great. This happens every year like clock work. Fall, cooler weather, sinus issues.

Im going to crunch budget numbers tomorrow too. We just paid our annual house insurance and our last big bill is property taxes.

4 thoughts on “Pretty fall colors

  1. Definitely fall here too. Today started out sunny but it is raining now. Your Dr appt sounds like it was pretty positive. I know I would want big results (really I would want the cancer gone!) but it sounds wise to not rush through your options. Must be nice to reclaim your house now that your sister is gone.
    I admire how closely you try to watch your budget…I need to do better with ours. We have been able to pay off a couple bills so that is good.

    • You’re so right. I’m pretty lucky my myeloma is not aggressive yet. So we need to hold off as much as possible. But my doctor is on top of it and I think if things changed he’d be ready to switch to the monoclonial antibody treatments . I think the real cure for myeloma is these new antibody chemos which attack the myeloma cells.
      Anyway, I do feel good and that’s alot to be thankful for. My sister is a great house guest, but still there’s the fact that our schedule was different.
      I’m glad you’re able to take care of some bills… It’s never ending I guess😊

  2. If I had to pick the one thing I miss about the mainland now that we’re in Hawai’i full time, it’s fall. Pictures of the leaves turning, pumpkins, etc. all make me feel very, very nostalgic. I don’t miss the sweaters nor the rain though, so I guess there’s that.

    • Hi Laura ,
      I’ve followed your blog for quite a while. Actually while you you still in Portland! Living in Hawaii must be a wonderful thing. We were there around 6 years ago when my husband won a trip for us. What I remember the most was how soft the air was.
      Fall in northen california is quite pretty. I appreciate every day as a gift.
      We don’t get quite the rain that Portland does, but there’s a chill in the air.

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