Happy halloween and Samhain!

imagethis is my little vintage halloween collection. I adore vintage halloween  stuff , but it is very pricey. But it all fits in a small box and I don’t mind storing it.

Samhain, is cross quarter in the Celtic year, way before all hollows eve, the christianized version. We’ll have a little fire in our fire pit tonight and drink some red wine!

It’s a dex day so I’m on limited time till I crash. It’s so easy to forget how it is till you start again. This time I had 3 Saturday’s off. That’s longer than usual because my sister was here the week I would have started. But at least my ANC went up over 2000 so that was good.

I’m going to do some flylady stuff ,catch up on laundry and try and pot a few flowers.

I still need to budget out a few things too. Plus, we’re thinking of doing something non traditional for thanksgiviving . Over at    ,http://thriftymominboise.blogspot.com, she’s making lasagna. We do lasagne at Christmas. Although last year we did a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and that was fun. But I think I’ll go back to the lasagna. Half meat, half vegie.

Today is a beautiful fall day, but tomorrow we’re getting rain and the sierra snow. I’ll worry about my daughter driving to work in the snow, but she has all wheel drive.

I’m still working on ideas for the room that was my daughters since my son moved to our studio. (which is a converted tuff shed by the way)! That was our homeschool room and later Sachi made it her graduate school study room. So now I’ve got two chairs out here but I feel it needs something else. I might move my desk out here, not sure.

Well, off to the day!