Cycle complete

So, I finished pomalyst the other night and now I’m just waiting to get my blood tests. Actually I went in this morning but my dr had put the date as on the 12 or after. We were going on my neutrophils were low so better to wait so I didn’t need to get jabbed twice. Well, I probably will have to anyway.but at least I’ll something by next week. It’s nice not to have to take a lot of pills. Right now it’s only acyclovir at night and my thyroid and BP in the am.

I went to help set up for our annual friends of library book and bake sale tomorrow. Lots of good things and I hope it’s a good turn out. I cannot believe though they’re ( library admin, remember them who ” let me go”,are changing the branches hours. 8 to 12 or 1! It’s the kiss of death for the branch. Who’s going to come out at 8am. This is mostly a retired community. All they’re doing is accomadating the you know who, (branch manager) who should have taken the blame for getting me released from my job. It’s all about that she’s on permenant so it’s what works for her, not what’s best for the community.

so, tonight my sister Heidi, arrives. I think it’ll be fun to see her and I’ll take her to the bake and book sale tommorow .

Well, off to sit outside in this great weather.