Monday stuff

The booksale went good and we made around $500. It’s not a lot but will help the library with our quarterly contributions to buy books. The raffle was a big success. I got wiped out but came home and took a nap.

We went to the winery yesterday and the tastings were so so. Not well presented, but the lunch was stellar and the chef must be excellant. The food was. !!

Today it’s quite warm , almost 90, so nice . We might go out for a dinner together, but my sisters stomach is bothering her so we’ll see. Auburn doesn’t have a lot of good restaurants and I think our best bet is Thai or Mexican. I’d be okay with a bowl of soup. Tomorrow she wants to go to sacramento but I think I’ll pass. To much going and I know I’ll feel it.

I went for my blood test so we shall see what the numbers are. I made a batch of double stuffed potatoes to freeze. And did a little fly lady.