Tahoe! Rain, and lab results!!

Well, we’re home and had a very nice time in Tahoe. It’s amazing how the drought has affected tahoe. It is the lowest I’ve ever seen. I do hope El Niño brings us much needed rain. We spent too much on food. I had planned breakfast at the condo but we ate out. Ouch! How much can breakfast be for 4 adults. . . Too much.  But the place is great. And we walked in the morning although not super early. Even today we weren’t out till 6:30. Pretty late .

But the exciting news is it rained last night so every thing is nice and wet. Yeah!! My sister leaves tomorrow. Tonight we’re having spaghetti . Next week will be eat out of the freezer and I’m not planning on taking grocery money till I really need it.

I did get back my labs and  nothing great but nothing went up. M protein went down a tenth .8 ok, not great. My kappa light chains went down to 930 from 1140 so 200 points. So I’m grateful but it did that before and then the next cycle went back up. I think I want big results and I need to be ok with stable. I see him next week and I’m sure he’ll say stable, we will do another cycle. Someone posted on the myeloma Beacon about doing pomalyst with krypolis and getting great results. I don’t think he’ll do that. But I’m reassured that at least things are stable. I guess we all want big results and m proteins at .0 and kappa light chains in the normal range but alas it isn’t always so.

today, I need to do some serious Flylady and then after Heidi leaves declutter and clean.

4 thoughts on “Tahoe! Rain, and lab results!!

  1. I apologize if you’ve said this many times in your blog, but what specific health issue are you dealing with? Sending lots of good thoughts & healing your way.

    Also, from another “local” girl, the light sprinkle we got today was much appreciated. I’m hoping for a big snow this year in Tahoe!! We’d love to go. 🙂

    • I have multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. Incurable, but treatable. I’m 10 years out from diagnosis, so pretty good. Its month to month with this treatment I’m on but at least I’m stable. ( I think)…
      You’re not that far away, we’re in the Sierra foothills and you’re in San Jose area?
      Tahoe was so nice. Not a lot of traffic and definitely off season.

  2. Stable is wonderful! I can see why big results would be amazing but stable is something to celebrate.
    We are hoping El Nino brings us a mild winter, less snow. Funny to imagine being happy for rain. West MI has no shortage of rainy days. Winter here is often cloudy too so we are thrilled for sunny days. I don’t mind the cold if the sun is shining.

    • It is good and I’m lucky I have no other complications from my myeloma. So at least for now it’s good. I’m such a nervous Nellie though, and really wish I was getting more results from pomalyst .
      The rain was so great, we really need it. Michigan sounds nice but too cold for me.. Brrr. How are you doing? I can give you my email if you want to email….

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