Simple Sunday

Well, it’s been a interesting week.

I got my Invisalign in and they’re pretty good. You need to take them out to eat and then brush. So some maintenance. It took over an hour to put the brackets on and my mouth is still alittle sore from him wrenching it around . I wear this tray for two weeks and then move on to the next. Still waiting to hear what the insurance is doing. They are really putting up a fight. I’m going to call this week to inquire.

Next up, I haven’t felt very well most of this week , so finally on my birthday Sept 30, I e messaged  my doctor and said maybe we’d better check my neutrophils because I’m in the last week of my Pomalyst. So he said ok plus check my electrolytes. So off I go to the lab the next morning, and who’s there , but the one of the worst phlebotomists I e ever had. He’s the one who popped my vein around 6 months ago and left me with a blood blister. I contacted quest and complained but no response. So right after that when I’d gone I’m to quest I said please put in my record I’m not to have him draw blood.

So he calls my name, I go up to him and say, ” I need someone else to do the draw besides you”. He of course is shocked and says ok. I’m sorry, I’m in there every F*^* ING 2 weeks and I don’t need more popped veins. So it was a bit weird for them all. Anyway on to the blood test. So results take a day and I’m sure I’ve tanked in the ANC. So I open up the patient portal and practicaly fall over. My neutrophils are at 4300 something. I’m like this is a mistake. Everything was in the same general area.

So now I’m left with did quest make a mistake? Did they enter a wrong value. ..?

honestly , I don’t believe since it so way out of my normal results. So , I’ve decided to e message my doctor Monday and say isn’t this a bit odd, and can they lab make a mistake like this. I only have a few days,left on Pom so it’s too late to stop. And then I’ll get my test for light chains and Spep and CBC either Friday or Monday. ( I think Monday’s a holiday though). So it has me pretty freaked out. Because it’s so out of my norm.

Then on to decluttering. I didn’t think we had the room to mount the TV, so I moved the heywood out and put a little glass desk there and it looks way better.

imageI need to tuck the wires in so it looks neater. But I think having less wood is better.  When I used to do feng shui , this room had way to much wood, and metal cut thru that so maybe it does as it looks better.  Now I have to decide if I sellthe Heywood wakefield table.

Well, it’s a dex day for me so, I’m Flyladying the kitchen zone and then having my daughter drive me to the aspca bookstore . And I need a few things, like wine😃 and some slad stuff.