Chico, Ca

I’m in Chico with B , who’s on a work trip. Chico is 2 hours from our house. It’s a nice college town with lots going on. We have thought of checking out living here when retirement happens, but now we’re sure we won’t. It’s too busy and no pine trees. But we went a great used bookstore and a few other places. I found “the Greens ” cook book I’ve been looking for especially since my copy had food stuck to the inside and I threw it away. So a score.

We’re going to stop in Costco for a quick run in because last time I saw a MacAir book that has everything you could want to know. So, I think I’ll get that.

I’m disappointed with my labs. My ANC went up to almost 1100, but is still too low to start pomalyst. I’m guessing Pom is not going to work for me and I’m a little freaked out. Revlimid never dropped my ANC like this. He wants to wait another week and retest. My freaking includes, in the meanwhile I’m not on any myeloma drugs. I need to feel secure that I’m doing something. My light chains had gone up a tiny amount so obviously something’s going on. OK, I’m officially freaked out and depressed. I’ve never had something not work before. I mean my counts should have recovered ( I think) by now. My WBC and RBC looked good. Just below the normal line, but that’s not unusual for me.

I did emessage him about a neupogin shot, and my concern that I’m not on any anti myeloma drugs. So I’ll see what he says.

I’m the kinda person that doesn’t deal well when things aren’t going well. I obsess and get depressed. I tend to withdraw till I figure out my game plan. It doesn’t help, that my upper leg is really bothering me. Nothing had shown on my xrays, but that doesn’t mean a lesion isn’t there. I have walked a lot here in Chico, but this leg things been off and on. When I’m on dex, I don’t notice it as DEX is anti inflammatory.

So, I’ll wait another week then I think we are going to have to look at another option, as this was just the first cycle with Pom . And it didn’t bring my numbers down. Quite depressing since I figured it would just do it.

Well, welcome to the world of cancer!

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