Saturday stuff

Well, its off to the library and I’m sure were going to be slow since its Memorial Day weekend. We do have a lot of transit coming though,so lots of shelving. I’m going to have to work the 4 of July holiday which kinda sucks,with no extra pay. since I’m extra help(still after 8 years) , i don’t get any special compensation. Usually I’m ok with it, but for some reason this time it bothers me. i would like to work anther year there but that may change as they figure out the new hiring which won’t include positions like mine. So we ll see.

I did message my doctor and he answered right away that i didn’t need neupogen since my neutrophils are not that low. Also, no changing therapy till we  give this a chance. So i do feel better about it all. I do hope there up enough for me to start this week though.

B is going to Sacramento tomorrow for a march against Monsanto and will sing his song. you can listen to it on you tube under Mrbarcos Monsanto  song.

Oh, I’m updating my Just Keep Walking Project tomorrow, so stay tuned!!!!!!

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