This is it!!! The week the JKWP nears the 2 year mark!!!!

This is the week. We have 5 days left. We are on day 725. OMG, we walked everyday for 2 years. We have not missed one day due to being sick, weather, or whatever.

Im pretty impressed. So, I’m going to list 5 things, one a day of what I learned.

So today is, pretty simple. I learned I am very dedicated to what I put my mind to. Perserverance might be another word. This might also be seen in B and I will be married 45 years this year. I know, we were too young and probably stupid, but we were madly in love, had a plan and were committed.

We did not have a fancy wedding but were married in a Quaker ceremony. A small buffet afterward and that’s it. But, through thick and thin, and everything in between here we are.

I think I’ve mentioned before, B has gone to everyone of my treatments, chemos, stayed with me at the hospital ( well, he left at night), when I was getting my stem cell. And now still drives me to every monthly appointment. I’d say that’s commitment and dedication.

And So, we have walked everyday for 2 years!

3 thoughts on “This is it!!! The week the JKWP nears the 2 year mark!!!!

  1. Seriously – tremendous accomplishment. Congrats!! And, that 45 years is nothing to sneeze at either. 🙂 Sounds like you & your husband are both very lucky to have each other as a support system.

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