Low neutrophils? Any ideas??

Just got my blood work back and my absolute neutrophils are at 925/ul. I don’t think I’ve ever had them this low. Last month on revlimid they were just under 1500. But now this is pomalyst. Oddly enough I feel great. Any ideas. Wait a week since this is my week off and get another blood panel??

I see my doctor Wednesday , so I’ll see what he says . Just thought someone might have ideas.

I’m on 2 mg of pomalyst.

Happy Mother’s Day and a trip to IKEA

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there. Even moms of fur babies etc!

I had a terrific day that started with my son making English scrambled eggs on toast. Then he gave me some lovely Burt Bees stuff and bath salts. Nice!!! My daughter got me a cook book I’ve looked for forever at used book stores. It’s the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. Its a classic and so far I love looking at the recipes. Z uni cafe is in San francisco and quite famous. My wonderful husband got me a beautiful white rose bush to match the 2 I have. It’s called Icelandic . I love the white rose. Also I finally broke down and said, I want the waffle maker. So I have a great Cuisinart waffle maker that showed up in 1 day. How does Amazon do that. They delivered on Sunday.

Then off we went clutching a gift card he had won( well, I was clutching it)! Off to IKEA. It was so amazing. Hardly anyone was there when we arrived at 9:30. Had coffee and lots of carbs to fotify ourselves for the maze of IKEA. I’d been keeping a list for six months, from candles to a poang chair!!

We over spent by $40 dollars, because as we were leaving to go check out I saw a lounge chair and had to have it. It’s very sturdy to lay out side on but it doesn’t go to an upright position to read. So, it’s too far to return it ,so I’ll just use a pillow to prop my self up. I’m guessing it’s more of a pool lounge. Anyway ,everything else is great. Well, we haven’t put together the other stuff so I hope it’s all good.

I’m in the bathroom zone this week. And tidy up since I have things all over.