So, I’m trying to learn how to add stock photos. Here’s an example. I’m not sure  how else to do it yet. Plus haven’t figured out auto correct. On my iPad it just come up.

It is fun to use though and very fast.

Today is library day. I think I’ll get 2 bins of transit, but I imagine the bookdrop is going to be big since the main branch is still closed.

Tomorrow I go get my CBC panel and should have my counts on Thursday. Fingers crossed its ok. Also, Im going with B on a work trip for one night. Its fun to get away and just be out of the normal household stuff.

My budgeting is going ok. I have a free YNAB to try on the mac. I have the PC one but it doesn’t work on this. not sure if I’d get a discount as its a different program. I don’t use ynab a lot but I do like to put the numbers in and play with them. I’m a paper and pencil budgeter. Ive tried lots of programs but I use a notebook daily and figure my numbers from there. We’ll need to set a budget for my sons fall semester as he’s going to take 5 classed and not work. Then he’ll be done with his AS degree and can look at universities.

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