Simple Monday

It’s been a nice day. Did my flylady zone and tidied the rest of our small house.

Yesterday was busy with Costco and Trader Joes. But were set for 3-4 weeks except for fresh veggies etc.

I was pretty tired after yesterday but felt ok today. Im anxious whether my neutrophils will go up. I guess since there is

absolutely nothing i can do about it, I shouldn’t be. But anxiety is what it is.

We’re watching a series called Da Vinci’s Demons. Da Vinci is a young man and trying out many of his incredible inventions.It’s interesting from a history perspective with the Medicis (not sure of spelling) and Rome.

One thought on “Simple Monday

  1. Anxiety is always my enemy. I have a heart arrythmia and anxiety can trigger it. I try to let the worry go, but it is very hard sometimes isn’t it? I will be sending some neutrophil building thoughts your way! Take care

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