This is a big storm!

Well, this is as big of a storm as what took our trees out in 2008, hence my wind phobia.
There are going to be 50-60 mph gusts… When trees start swaying sometimes, as I saw, they can’t stop and down they go. We are on top of a hill( bad for wind gusts), and we have very large ponderosa pines around our house.

So, we won’t be here. We will go to town and stay in a safe place that has no trees around. There’s still going to be wind and very heavy rain no matter where we are. I’m really glad I cancelled going to Sacramento to see my doctor. I’d probably have a nervous breakdown in the wind, and rain.

There’s still going to heavy rain into Thursday afternoon but the wind will be gone. Trees can still fall if the ground is saturated but that will be the chance we take.
Maybe 2015 will bring us a windfall and we can take down some trees 🙂