Simple Sunday , and I’m glad it’s over!

Well, the trees are packed away. I streamlined our ornaments into 3 bins. This meant giving up the hall mark boxes I kept the ornaments in. But they take up so much space. I kept a few and the rest are history.
Everything looks more fresh now and simple. Less eye clutter.
Today, we’re going to do a book drop of discarded library books, thrift store stuff, and I need to go to staples for some calendar stuff for my leather binder.

I’m making 2 loaves of the Tartine bread, and dinner is planned.
Oh, our washer is acting up ( not starting) so we ordered an inexpensive on sale one from Home Depot. Our water dryer are may tags and were quite expensive when new. But now they’re 12 years old and lots of parts are wearing out. My husband has fixed the dryer 3 times and the washer once maybe twice . So we’re biting the bullet and buying at least the washer. It’s not electronic like the matag, just knobs, but heck it’ll work at least. No delivery charge, and it was on sale I think with 30% off. So I’m okay with it.
Someone was blogging about not using any cash and doing all credit cards during the month and then laying it off. I’m not sure if this would work for us. I might check about a card with better rewards than we have. It has some but not a lot. Does anyone do this regularly. My concern is going over budget and not keeping track well enough.

JKWP day is 577, we will pass 580 this week.

A couple of goals for 2015, pay extra on the car payments at least 3x, one extra mortgage payment, and try and save.

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