Windy and cold!

It’s very cold here @42 and we have a very brisk north wind. 36 mph gusts. It’s not raining so my wind phobia isn’t as acute.
I’m off to the library but may not work the whole shift. Why?
Because yesterday at the dentist office I had an X-ray on a tooth they’ve been watching, and I have a slight infection there and I need not one but 2 root canals. Now, I’m on zometa and dental work and Zometa don’t usually mix well. But, after asking some others on the myeloma support group, a few people said they’d had root canals while on zometa. As it doesn’t affect the bone. So I feel a little better. But I started the antibiotic this morning ( took one instead of 2 ) and I’ll take the second in a few hours. But generally I don’t do well on antibiotics so we shall see. Plus I’ve had some GI issues today so…..

Im feeling really tired too. I guess it’s the end of my Revlimid cycle and that may be contributing to that. Plus my left hip has been really bothering me. Not sure if it’s arthritis or myeloma. Geez, I’m full of good cheer this morning.
Well, I’ll let you know how it goes.
Oh, more “good” news, our washer died, had to order a new cheaper one. My car tires died and had to replace them as they were 8 years old and cracking. So, geez, now I’m really going for cheery this morning with root canals, aching hip, money flying out the window, GI issues. Agh …….
I’ll leave it at that.