JKWP ( just keep walking project ) update and other random thoughts

Today’s is day 550! Wow, that’s everyday ,rain,shine, snow , ice, and not really feeling like it. But here we are. We will pass 600 sometime in January.
With time change were out around 6- 6:15 not bad. Just a little dark and then it gets light.
Today I’m going to take my tin into the bank and cash in the coins. This is a sealed pot challenge I joined in last year with a person who blogs from England. This cash will go to our Santa Barbara trip in January which we trying to make an annual thing.

Today I’ve made the Tartine recipe bread, it takes 2 days but is worth it.
I’ve also done home blessing with Flylady and the zone is the entry ways. We bought a new mat for the front door, and I washed the windows. And I’ll tidy a little more. Don’t want to over do it and flip out my L 1 again.

I ordered my daughters graphic card but it’s out of stock so I’ll have to see when it’s due in. Other than that still some gift cards for the ups guy and garbage guy. They work hard all year. I like to show our appreciation.

Other than that we had a nice thanksgiving and next year I’m doing it different. I’ll write my notes in my binder book and then next year review them. I do this with Christmas too. Last year I went over budget by $500 and this year exactly the same. It’s not really all gifts , it’s more the food, and all the other things I like to add in. New table cloth, etc, etc. some are gifts but as I said last year I need our Santa fund higher.
Also, this is pay the property tax week. So more $ out the window. I keep crunching retirement $ but no answers yet.