September budget

I’m going to join in on a no/’low spend month with a number of other bloggers. It does help to track the no spend days. So, today is day 1.

our budget is about the same, except in October our auto insurance will be due and with Z’s accident it’s going up 400. Pretty steep, but I told him he’s got to pay it or don’t drive. Then it’s our birthdays, but usually we’ve gotten what we want before hand. So, I just need to factor in that money out of our line item savings.

i checked out getting an account at 360 capital one, where you can have as many accounts for different things as you want, but it just seems like too much work. So I’m going to stick to doing line item budgets for BD, anniv, clothing, house repairs etc. I would like to see these separated but our credit union doesn’t do more than Santa, savings, and one other savings. So, I’ll just keep it this way for now. I’m still trying to get the YNAB thing of having one month ahead in checking but were pretty far from that. 

So, I’m going to try and keep food costs down, that’s always a challenge for me especially if I go to Costco which I’ll be doing this week. It’s not a lot of stuff but each one is almost $20, like coffee, TP, a meat pack, etc, so it goes pretty quick.

today, I’ve accomplished somethings, in spite of hardly sleeping with it being a dex night. Oh, I’ll take a nap later. Or take  an Ativan again tonight.

Z’s been careful driving my car and Wednesday we will go to insurance appraiser, so by the end of the week it should be in shop.



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