What a way to start the day…

Well, after I walked my 2 miles, I go to open the car and it’s locked with my keys inside. At the park ,I never take my keys and I don’t lock the car. Somehow, I must’ve pushed the lock button. So after searching the wheel wells twice , I found the spare key. I do live only a mile from the park, so I could’ve walked home, but still….geez, is that how my day is going to go?

yesterday was a busy day. My son came with me to whole foods. I’ve decided to get my meat there, especially after reading “Eating Animals”. No factory farmed meat! Which I did before, but whole foods has a great selection. So, I got some chicken , ground turkey, and some burger stuff. Also, a few misc like Baliene salt. Spent $62 ,not bad. I shopped only the perimeter. 

Then we went to REI, so he could get a few more back pack things. I told him we’d help with some and consider that extra birthday stuff. 

Then we went to old navy as I had a great coupon, bought 2 t shirts, a pair of shorts for my husband and my son got 2 t shirts. Saved over $50. I like old navy as I’m not a big clothes person. I have a pretty minimalist if waredrobe. I wear  black, white or navy tops, jeans, or black pants . I like it since I did this. Much easier. Sometimes I wear a royal blue top( I have 2), with a black shirt over. I wear a shirt over my t shirts to cover the bruises on my arms. Myeloma side effect. I bruise really easy. 

I also made a quinoa salad, and WW bread. 

Tonight were having pizza.

i also have bookclub, so I’ll go over to the library later. 

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