JKWP update

We are on day 388. I haven’t been Miss Enthusiastic, but I’m still doing it……

ImageHere’s the park around 5:30.

so I worked yesterday, and left a note for UPS, I’d be home  around 2:15. He didn’t show up till @3:45. So , I started on time last night. Tonight is dex, I’m thinking of taking 20 this week and 16 next week? I don’t know I’ll probably just keep it at 16 and see what my m spike is next month. :

Made cole slaw for dinner and since I bought large tomatoes at Costco, I think I’ll make BLT’s for dinner with cole slaw.  Otherwise stuffed tomatoes ? I’ll see when I get home from the library. More library drama. My daughter did NOT get the clerk job. She’s worked there 5 years as a page and is in a MLS program. They hired outside  which completely sucks and does not show that they care at all about helping someone like my daughter who is so qualified. But the real clincher is now there is going to be a clerk 20 hours a week position open in the branch she works at. She is scheduled only for 12 hours at this branch next pay period…… So the question is , is this going to be a lateral for someone, or is she going to get this. If she doesn’t she is going to quit, and you know what, I agree. 

She is so talented, completely tech savy, the patrons love her, but if admin can’t see it then she’s better off going to school full time and finishing. So that she update on library dramas.

oh, I know , does anyone use fitbit.? I thought I’d get one for my husband as his company is doing a walking challenge..

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