Dex Monday!

Well, the 20 mg is noticeable . I’ll go back to 16 mg next week and compare. But my face is pretty red today, and on 16 mg not so noticeable. Plus, I’m zooming around doing things. So far, making potato salad eith potatoes from our garden, making the last of the tomatoes I froze last year into sauce, swish and swiped the bathroom, took sheets off the bed… And going to make some whole wheat bread. Umm, oh, walked my 2 miles. So this is definetley more than the 16 mg. I guess ,I’m curious , is it going to effect my m protein. Who knows. I’m still in a very good remission on rev/dex, and there’s been no increase other than minor. 

Later, I’m dropping off thrift store stuff. Not a lot but every little thing that goes feels good. 

Almost finished the one wall of the barn that’s the Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek , memento boxes and Christmas and camping. So it looks better and I got rid of 2 empty bins that were old. So all in all good!


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